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Vermi Compost (Organic Manure)
Organic Vermicompost

Get our Organic Vermicompost to enrich your soil’s nutrients. We are the popular Manufacturer and Supplier of the Organic Vermicompost from Bihar, India. The offered Organic Vermicompost is biologically processed by the exchanges between microbes and earthworms. Moreover, it is rigorously scrutinized to ensure the highest quality standards are met. Clients can avail themselves of the small or bulk quantity of the Organic Vermicompost from us at the cost-effective prices.

Earth Worms (Eisenia Fetida)

We also sell high quality Red Earthworms.

Vermi Wash (Organic Plant Nutrient and Plant Tonic)

Organic Plant tonic helps to reduce many plant diseases.

• Our Vermi Compost is sold in the name of “Vaishali Organic”. The product is available in package of 5kg, 40kg and 50kg bags.
Vermi Wash is available in 1 Lt. pack (Bottle).

Benefits of Vermi Compost

• Vermi Compost is an excellent, balanced organic fertilizer and soil conditioner.
• It contains nitrogen, phosphorous and potash and other nutrient and minerals required for healthy plant growth.
• It contains quite good number of enzymes and hormones which are very essential for plant growth.
• It is rich in microbial life which converts nutrients already present in the soil into plant available forms.
• It Improves soil aeration and water holding capacity of soil.
• By application of Vermi compost eco-friendly atmosphere in the soil is established which helps in Solublizing phosphate by bacteria and also in nitrogen fixing in the soil.
• It is non toxic in nature and leaves no harmful residue in soil. Hence it work as Eco-friendly and Eco- logically compatible for soil.

Benefits of Vermi Wash

• It is a plant Tonic and helps to reduce many plant diseases.
• A mmixure of Vermi Wash (2 litre) with Cow urine (1 litre) in 10 litre of Water acts as D10- Pesticides and used manure.
• Increases crop yield.